The Best Electric Shavers with Reviews For Men Consider

Looking for the best electric shaver? Sure, you are confused with the many different varieties of electric shavers sold out there. Some units might even appear so identical that can stir up the murky water even more. No worries, you’ll get to learn how to spot the difference by getting yourself familiar with electric razor particulars.

We live in a modern world where nearly every one of our actions is governed by the technology we have access to. Technology makes our lives easier and better. And that is exactly why electric shavers were created – to make the task of shaving slightly less annoying.

Recommended Top 3 Electric Shavers

Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Razor for Men, Rechargeable and Cordless Electric Shaver, Foil Shaver, Silver, with Clean&Charge Station and Travel Case

Braun Series 9 Electric Razor for Men

  • 5 synchronized shaving elements
  • 2 specialized trimmers
  • technology with 10,000 microvibrations
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black

Remington Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor

  • Pivot & Flex Foil Technology
  • Pop-Up Detail Trimmer
  • Intercept Shaving Technology
  • Rechargeable Battery

Most of the men who either have a short beard or have a clean-shaved face, they need to have a precise, smoothening shaver that will not harm their skin, will not cause bruises while removing the hair closer to the skin. It definitely the job of the best electric shaver to give a smooth, safe and quick shave without any troubles. But sometimes there are a lot of other concerns that affect the efficiency of the shaver which may cause bumps on the shaved skin, rashes and bruises and in some cases the plucking of hair may also occur.

Such problems arise, either due to the type of hair in your beard or in some cases the lengthy, the thickness and the overall conditions of the hair.

The best electric shaver is considered to be the one that gives safer, smoother shave and is easy to use on a range of beard types and skin conditions for better results.

Factors Affecting The Shaving Process With an Electric Shaver

Since an electric shaver comes with sharp blades that will move at a fast speed to cut through the hair closest to the skin in a safe way. You may need to understand that not all electric shaver will be giving the best, smooth skin shaving experience. Some shavers some with high-end blades and may give smoother shave whereas some may offer a rather coarse skin after the shaving process is complete.

The factors that affect the way you will be able to shave your beard effectively could be as follows:

  • The skin type i.e. either sensitive, oily, rough or normal
  • Hair/beard type Ice coarse, smooth and silky, curly or straight
  • Length of the hair i.e. short, long or medium length beard
  • Type of electric shaver you need to use
  • Overall condition of the beard i.e. wet or dry, greasy, moistened or dry hair

You may need to look for an electric shaver that offers a safe solution for shaving on all skin types and will not cause rashes or bumps on it.

Also, make sure if the shaver offers sharp enough blades to deal with hard, coarse, thickened hair and can also handle smooth and silky hair without affecting its efficiency.

The Problem Black Men Have With Shaving

As we have talked earlier that, electric shaver may work differently when these are used on different beard types. The special concerns arise when we have to use the shaver on the black men beard. Considering the fact that black men have thicker hair which is curly and coarse as well, we can say that the electric shaver may need to have super sharp and treated blades that will be able to cut through the curly, coarse beard with a smooth finish on the skin.

Most black man face problems of having bumps appear after shaving or they may also have to experience unevenly shaved areas due to the fact the thick hair may not be cut smooth if the shaver is not strong enough to evenly remove all hair.

To assure smoother shave they may need to repeat the shaving process which in turn cause the dryness of the skin and may also lead to further damages.

In case if there is a need to stay away from these issues, an electric shaver with strong and sharp blades can be helpful and may give the kind of results they may need.

Why Black Men Need an Electric Shaver?

Black men need superfast, smooth shaving electric shaver because these shavers treat the skin carefully without over-drying it and give smoother, faster and quicker removal of the hair no matter how stubborn it is. Electric shaver has more power and an ability to remove thick hair quickly as compared to manual shavers that is why these could be helpful for black men who have been looking for a smooth shave.

History of The Electric Shaver

  • Today’s electric shavers have manuals with a long list of instructions for their proper use. But several decades ago when it was first invented, they were designed to be a very simple machine. How far has this vital shaving tool gone? What have been the technological improvements so far compared to when they were first invented?
  • The history of electric shavers dates back to 1930 precisely when the first patent for an electric shaver was filed. Jacob Schick was credited with this invention in 1930. He believed that people can improve on how they shave if a dry shaving process was introduced. Back then, the only means of shaving was with a razor and a shaving cream. But he believed an alternative shaving method can provide simplicity and efficiency. And so, an electric shaver was conceived.

Remington – A Pacesetter

Remington was the first electric shaver company that started producing electric shavers. The company was renowned for producing typewriters and firearms. But they saw an opportunity in the market. Foil shavers you see today were first produced by the company. Till today, Remington is still waxing strong in the business, as they have added more unique features to their earliest models of electric shavers.

Rotary Shaving System Introduced By Philips

While foil shavers were still the only option for electric shavers, Philips entered into the market in 1946 with their flagship product. But they didn’t follow the market trend to continue with a foil electric shaver. Instead, they invented a different model – a rotary shaving system.

The Philips shave was their flagship product in the electric shaver industry. It uses a different technology that vibrates back and forth. In addition, the shaver is smaller and more portable.

This provided more convenience and shaved better at the contours of the face. By 1947, the Philips shave brand name was changed to the current Philips Norelco brand. More features were added as they grew from producing shavers with two heads in 1966 to shavers with triple heads now available today.

Braun Comes To The Party

Braun is one of the most popular electric shaving brands in the market today. But their romance with electric shavers began in 1951. The Sixtant electric shaver introduced in 1962 was their major breakthrough in the industry. It had a functional design as they focused on the foil blade system.

Recent innovations

There have been a lot of improvements in electric shavers ever since the first unit was produced in 1930. The first models were heavier and have just basic features with a single blade. Today, there are electric shavers with multiple blades.

To add to more convenience, you now have the option of choosing either wet or dry shaving methods. Lithium-ion batteries came on board in the early 2,000. Shaver's no longer have to sit close to their power outlets battling with long chords. Almost all types of electric shavers today have a rechargeable battery that enables you to have one hour of shave before a recharge.

In addition, the design has improved a lot. The early models of electric shavers are not easy to maneuver. But there are pivot points on the heads of foil and rotary shavers today. This provides better maneuverability.

In fact, electric shavers have gone a long way since it was first introduced in 1930. They are much smaller, more efficient, and more convenient to use. And we have Jacob Schick to thank for bringing up the idea of an electric shaver in the first place.

Which Are The Best Men's Electric Shaver Brands?

  • There are different brands of men’s electric shavers. If a particular brand has been great for you, it’s only natural that you would want to stick to the brand. People’s skins are different. And they will react to electric shavers differently. But what if you’ve not really had a good experience with a great brand? Then, choosing the right type of brand will not be too easy.

Generally, which brands are considered the best in the industry? Well, electric shaver enthusiasts will have their opinion. But there are some top brands that tend to favor the majority.

When it comes to electric shavers, Panasonic, Braun, and Philips are leading the chase. There are other brands that come close, like the Remington electric shavers. These brands have some premium quality models designed for the best results. They have powerful motors and some of them can shave as close as blades.

For foil shavers, it seems Philips is the leader in the industry. However, Braun electric shaver brand is considered the best if you are buying a rotary shaver.

There are a couple of models manufactured by Philips. The Philips brand has a lot of innovative products that try to satisfy the convenience needs of consumers. They may be more expensive, but this brand always delivers. If you want an affordable Philips electric shaver, the 2100 Series is a great example. They are quite popular and have become the best choice for many users.

Another good example is the Philips Norelco 3100 Series. This model is also popular in the industry because of its powerful motor.

Panasonic Is Also Doing Well In The Industry

The brand has a couple of top quality products under its name. The brand’s watchword is convenience. That’s why it provides the most technologically advanced products in the industry.

They try to provide quality products at a relatively affordable price. Want some good names from the Panasonic brand? You can check out Panasonic ES-LV-65-S, Panasonic ES8243A, or Panasonic ES-LT41-K. These are very popular models from the Panasonic brand.

How About Braun Shavers?

One thing you will get from a Braun electric shaver is superior performance.

Their shavers are renowned for their quick charging time, portability, and versatility (most of them allow for both dry and wet shaving). They are masters in foil blades too.

However, you need to spend extra cash to afford a Braun electric shaver. Some of the best models include Braun 9290CC Series, Braun 550CC Series, and Braun 790CC series.

As we mentioned earlier, if you are used to a particular brand, you may be reluctant to move to any other brand. This is understandable. No one would want to change a winning formula and thread into the unknown. But if you are not so sure which brand is best for you, these ones mentioned above are top choices in the industry.

Different Types of Electric Shavers

Convenience is the major reason why people choose an electric shaver over a blade or other options. But even with an electric shaver, there are different types. One can work better for you than the other. The type of electric shaver you choose can impact on how effective and smooth your shave will be. That’s why you should select the right electric shaver.

Basically, there are two major types of electric shavers. Each of these types is further made into different designs. The two major types of electric shavers in the market right now are foil shavers and rotary shavers.

Foil Shavers

As the name implies, foil electric shavers have thin foil coating that covers their oscillating blades. The blades play two important roles. The first role limits the impact of the blade on the skin. It prevents too much contact with the skin. This makes them mild on the skin. For the second role, the blade cuts the hair from the skin in a uniformed manner. It cuts the hair as closely and neatly as possible.

  • Unlike rotary shavers, foil shavers cut the hair directly. They don’t lift the hair before cutting.

These types of shavers generally have four-blade or three-blade varieties. Obviously, the four-blade models shave smoother and closer than the three blade models. They also shave faster.

If you have a sensitive skin that can’t stand much pressure, a foil blade will be ideal for. It’s also better for short-haired individuals.

Electric Rotary Shavers

These types of shavers come with either four or three rotating heads. If you have fast growing hair or thick hair, the rotary shaver will be the ideal type for you. Also, if your hair does not grow in a single direction, a rotary shave will be better.

The mechanism behind a rotary shaver is a simple one. Instead of cutting directly, it lifts the hair and sends them to the rotating components where the hair is cut. If you are buying a rotary shaver, you should choose a model that has a flexible head. This type will rotate easily to reach every area of your face.

Which Electric Shaver is Better?

There is no particular type of electric shaver that is generally better than the other. It all depends on a lot of factors.

First, your type of hair will determine which shaver you should use. If you grow long beards or your beards grow quickly, a rotary shaver will be ideal for you. A foil shaver will be better if your beards are usually short.

Also, foil electric shavers are milder on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should opt for a foil shaver.

However, whichever type you are buying, it should be a quality one. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy its full benefits.

Does An Electric Razor Shave As Close As A Blade?

There have been a lot of arguments regarding electric razors and blades. Yes, each has its own advantages and shortfalls. In fact, one individual may prefer a blade to electric razor for their specific reasons. On the other hand, another individual will always go for an electric shaver.

  • But when your major concern is how effective they are, surely one has an edge over the other. The question now is, which one is better for the cleanest and smoothest shave? If you have tried the two methods several times, you will know which one shaves smoother. But if you have not tried both, we will give you a straight answer.
  • No, electric razor shave doesn’t shave as close as a blade. Want to know why? Read on and you will find out in a moment.
  • A blade shaves smoother than an electric razor because of how they perform their task

Blades do better jobs of removing the top layers of cells. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth. This is what you will compromise if you want to switch to an electric shaver. The shave will not be as close as a blade, that’s for sure.

But there are some top quality electric razors that have bridged this gap to a great extent. If you have a product like Panasonic Arc 5, you will get a close performance. This is because it has a strong motor that tries to exfoliate the skin, just as blades do.

Gain The Best of Both Worlds With a Superior Electric Shaver

One of the reasons why people still prefer electric razor over the blade is because of convenience and safety. Not everyone will afford to be very patient when using a blade. In fact, shaving with a blade is a skill on its own. You have to be careful to avoid cuts and injuries. Plus, some people have sensitive skins that react to blades. It gives those bumps and rashes.

If you want to have a very close shave but want to do that with an electric razor, you can get very close. You need to choose a top quality model. Some electric shavers perform better than others. Select a product with a powerful motor. They reach the hair follicles better. The inferior models will do a very poor job.

To answer the question; does an electric razor shave as close as a blade? The answer is predominantly no. Blades provide cleaner and smoother shaves. But some electric shaver models can come quite close. If you stick to the top quality brand, you will get an impressive shave. More importantly, you will still enjoy its convenience and simplicity.

Which Type of Electric Shavers Is The Best For Black Men? And Why?

Black men’s type of hair can be a bit difficult to shave if the right electric shaver is not utilized. Apart from the usual issues like skin irritation and bumps, the wrong electric shaver can lead to the development of ingrown hair.

This usually happens when the hair grows inward rather than shooting out of the skin from the hair follicle. And when you apply more pressure, it could lead to more problems. But the right type of electric shaver can significantly help to reduce this problem.

  • So, which type of electric shaver can reduce this occurrence for black men? A number of considerations should be given when choosing the right type of electric shaver.

Select a Motor Speed of at least 12,000 cuts per minute

Electric shavers that shave at a faster speed will significantly reduce bumps and irritation. It also minimizes pains during shaving. With this type of electric shaver, you don’t need to brush the shaver multiple times on the skin before it does a perfect job. The lesser time you brush the shaver over the skin, the lesser risk of skin irritation and bumps.

Select An Electric Shaver That Has The Right Angles

This is probably the most important factor that causes ingrown hair in black men. The right shaver should have a tilted angle that cuts the thick hair outwards, instead of bending it towards the skin.

To avoid ingrown hair, the shaver should have active life capability. This will make sure it lifts the hair properly to attain a smoother and cleaner shave.

Blades With A Pop-up Trimmer

Another important feature of electric blades for black men is a pop-up trimmer. You will see this feature in most recently manufactured shavers. It’s an additional benefit for black men. This is because it provides an extra lift while shaving sideburns and mustaches. Black men usually have coarse hair. With this feature, it will be easy to pull off the hair outwards to avoid the development of ingrown hair.

  • The right type of electric shaver should have multiple blades with improved sharpness

Some men have the wrong opinion that sharper blades cause more skin and hair problems when shaving. In reality, this notion is not true. In fact, the opposite is even correct. The number of blades on the shaver the better cut you will have. They are more likely to cut the hair to the right perfection than having few blades that are not very sharp. So, select an electric shaver with multiple sharp blades to avoid bumps or skin irritations.

If you are looking to buy the right type of electric shaver for black men, select a shaver with the above features. These features can be seen in both foil and rotary shavers. You find some very good products in on Amazon with most of these features in place.

Top 10 Best Electric Shaver Reviews

We have sorted and carefully selected 10 of the best electric shavers for men which surely are perfect in giving all men the best and the smoothest shave they ever wanted.

1. Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

Panasonic Arc3 is an innovative electric shaver that provides a comfortable and close shave. The pivoting head offers easy maneuverability on the contours of your face. This unit comes with very thin foil and 3 sharp blades to get you the cleanest of shaves.

It also has LCD battery indicator that shows the status of the battery. The shaver is quite portable and lightweight to carry along when traveling.

Another important feature is the high performing motor. It provides 13 000 cuts a minute. The shaver also comes with a pop-up trimmer which details sideburns, beards, and mustaches.

In addition, the stainless steel blades ensure precision and smooth shave at all times. The blades are not sensitive to the skin or cause an adverse skin reaction. This Panasonic blade is very fast, due to its powerful linear motor. It eliminates irritation, tugging, and pulling known among many blade models in the industry.

Also, there is both wet and dry shaving option for you to choose whoever one you prefer. Overall, this Panasonic electric shaver also maintains a top rating on Amazon. This just goes to say how effective and convenient the shaver has been.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

The Philips electric shaver brand is a pacesetter in the industry. After all, they are the first manufacturing company of electric shavers. And they are still waxing very strong with more improvements. This Philips Norelco 4500 shaver is a perfect representation of their quality brand.

The shaver has all the features for a smooth and proper shave. It comes with a built-in pop-up trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburns. And if you want to shave wet or dry, you can do anyone with this shaver. This is possible because of its Aquatec technology. The recent innovation allows users to shave dry for convenience or shave wet with foam or gel.

Whether you have long or short hair, the electric shaver will still do a great job. It comes with Dual Precision technology with holes and slots. This comfortably and quickly shaves all types of hair.

In addition, the shaver has a quick charge Lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, the battery can guaranty you 1 hour of cordless shaving. The product comes with complete tools for your shaving, including a cleaning brush, power cord, as well as protection cap.

3. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040 Electric Shaver

Braun ProSkin electric shaver is an affordable option with all the features of the most expensive models. This one is even 100% waterproof. It means you can shave anywhere, even in the shower. In addition, the shaver comes with Micro Comb technology that effectively catches the hair from the root.

It doesn’t cause skin irritation or cause the hair to grow inbound. This is because of the tilted design of the blade.

The triple action cutting technology employed in this shaver makes shaving a convenient and easy task. No risk of irritation or allergies.

In addition, this model has pressure sensitive elements. The blades are protected by a metal mesh that ensures a close shave. It also leaves the skin smooth and clean.

You can decide to shave dry or wet, depending on your convenience. The electric shaver is designed for both types of shaving. In addition, the slim design of the shaver allows users to easily reach the most difficult areas.

Braun Series 3 Pro Skin has the right features to ensure convenience and close shaving. The shaver is also durable.

4. Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 Electric Shaver Blades Wet/Dry

Here is another impressive and high-performance electric shaver from the Panasonic brand. The motor delivers high performance as evidenced by the linear drive motor, the motor is capable of producing 13,000 cuts within a minute. This provides precision and smooth cut on all types of hair.

This Panasonic ARC4 model has a battery indication LCD display. It indicates when the battery is running low for recharge. Similarly, the battery takes just 60 minutes to charge fully. When fully charged, you can enjoy the shaver for up to 1 hour before it runs down. This means that you get to shave multiple times before needing a recharge.

There are other convenient features of the shaver that is worth mentioning. It comes with a flexible pivoting head. This lets the user easily move the shaver over any area on the face.

Also, the shaving sensor observes the differences in beard density. It then adjusts automatically to provide an even and smooth shave.

Also, the shaver is designed for both wet and dry shaving. You can shave in the shower or anywhere you choose.

5. Philips Norelco 8900 Electric Shaver

Philips 8900 Norelco electric shaver is designed for those looking for top performance and better convenience. This model comes with 5 different length settings. It ensures flexibility to style your beard the way you want. You can choose to go long or short in certain areas of your beard or mustache.

In addition, the shaver has dual blades. With these features, you will most definitely get a very close shave. The dual blades work together to raise your hair and cut directly close to your hair follicle.

The shaver runs on a rechargeable battery that takes just an hour to charge completely. And you can have about 50 minutes run time with the fully charged battery.

Furthermore, this unit has both wet and dry options. This is possible with the Aquatec technology that protects the shaver against water damage.

Another impressive feature of the shaver is the V-Track precision dual blades. The blades raise the hair and cut as close to the skin as possible. It is one of the blades you can actually compare with razors in terms of cutting closeness.

6. Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 Premium Grey Cordless

Braun electric shaver offer quality, efficiency, and a good ergonomic design to let the user handle and use it effectively. This surely a safe and smart electric shaver that is waterproof and comes with a 7 year lifetime when it is maintained in an undamaging way.

With a smooth and gentle shaving experience, you get the best results on your skin without having to deal with bumps and problems anyways.

There is a sensitive built-in responsive action that carries out the shaving process according to the skin conditions so that the skin is not damaged. The 4 high-quality shaving elements give a smooth and quick shaving result through precision trimming and reach out difficult areas which are impossible to shave otherwise.

7. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

This is a premium made electric shaver that features the perfectly made 5 blades and 30 precision blades for outstanding precision and smoother shaving experience.

The high-performance motors used in the shaver provide fast and smooth shaving results by removing the hairs without harming the skin. The specialized Arc shaving sensor makes sure to provide customized shaving according to the density of the beard in different areas on the skin and assure smoother and even skin shave.

With an automatically adjustable power, the blades cut through the hairs without harming the skin. With the help of Multi-flex TM head helps in gliding the shaver on the skin causing least friction and help in avoiding rashes and bruises. It also includes a trimmer for detailing and precise cutting on mustaches.

8. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

This shaver from Philips is a wet or dry shaver that works fine in any of the hair and skin conditions. Regardless of the hair length, the shaver is capable of removing and capturing hairs even if it’s a 1-day stubble.

With ergonomic design and handling and gentle cleansing brush, all you get is the clean and clear and smooth skin after every shave.

For skin-friendly shaving experience, the speed is adjustable from slow, medium to fast as per the thickness of the hair and length as well.

9. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver

Another electric shaver from the Braun 7 series with all the needed power and features to give you smooth, quick and safe shave every time you use it.

The perfect sonic technology ensures to control the power during the shaving process and help to avoid troubles where the beard is dense. The Opt foil razors and Activist trimmer assure to lift and cut through hairs which are otherwise left on the skin.

The foil blades offer smoother and gentle shaving experience that you can surely rely on for a lasting result.

10. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 9 9290cc

This one is from Braun series 9 electric shaver which have been proven to be the world’s best electric shavers for safe and smooth shaving results.

There are 5 synch shaving elements, 2 trimmers with titanium coating for trimming and cutting through the thickest and most impossible hair on the skin.

The autosensing motors with 10,000 micro-vibration make sure to pick the thinnest, smallest and the toughest hair in every stroke you have with the shaver.

How to Keep Your Electric Razor in Top Shape

To make sure your electric shaver will never be out of order at-least within its specified lifetime, you may need to take good care of it while it is in your use. You can do the following things to maintain your electric shaver:

  • Make sure to charge it properly on a balanced power source
  • Keep a check on the battery every time you use
  • Avoid tripping and damaging the exterior
  • Do not submerge your electric shaver in water for a long time even if it states that it is waterproof.
  • Go through and follow the settings and instructions before using it

How To Choose The Best Electric Shaver?

Choosing the best electric shaver is easy with the correct information and available products on the list. That is why we have given the above-list to help you decide better. If you are wondering how to choose them as per your needs, you may consider the following things in detail:

Rotary or Foil Razor Shavers

You should know that rotary shavers are not as precise and smooth as foil shavers are, you may pick the one that fulfills your need to have a smoother and safer shave.

Ergonomic Design and Operation

  • The shaver you choose must be easy to handle and operate without any complex systems. So make sure to pick the one that is easy to handle, is not a burden on your hand while in use and give proper control over its operation

Precision, Automatic Sensors

  • Most of the highly rated electric shavers offer automatic sensor to detect the density and level of the skin to provide customizes power adjustment without any effort. Make it sure that you look for a reliable electric shaver with sensors for better and more even shaving process.

Corded or Cordless

  • Corded shavers are not much in use these days. Cordless, battery operated electric shavers are worthy enough to serve the purpose and give the best shaving output that is required.

Waterproof or Not

  • Most high-end electric shavers are waterproof to assure lasting performance without getting affected by the moisture or water splashes when these are used. Though these are not meant to be dipped in water for a longer period of time.


Price could be a concern if you are on a budget because some of the highly sophisticated electric shavers may reach the price tag of 500usd but cheaper yet high-performing electric shavers are also available. So, compare the price before finalizing the products online.

Finding a Great Shaver

Finding a good electric razor can be a rather daunting task, though. There are hundreds of shavers on the market today and most people simply don’t have the time or money to test every single one. So, how do you go about finding the best electric shaver for yourself? Well, that’s where comes to the rescue.

Shaving is an art that has been tweaked and improved for the better part of nearly 120 years. Great men such as William Henson and King Camp Gillette laid the foundation for the razors we use even today but they’ve changed, a lot. Read over Mental Floss’ A Brief History of Shaving to learn more. But simple, manual razors just don’t cut it for most men anymore. That’s why the electric shaver was made – to provide a better, smoother shaving experience using the best that technology has to offer.

Different Electric Razor Brands

The Form

  • Packaging is inimical for overall performance and quality of the electric shaver unit. Resilience and convenience commonly depend on product engineering. Among other exterior features, the shaver handle is commonly given importance to maximize utility. In terms of getting a good grip, ergonomic non-slip handles are certainly bestselling in the market. Rubberized handle makes gripping almost effortless. Some of the units integrated with this nonslip handle are Remington MS2-390, Panasonic ES 8243, and Philips Arcitec 1090.

The Performance

  • Motor power dictates the performance of electric razors as it propels the cutting operation. To be able to commence oscillation of blades in foil electric shavers or rotation of blades in rotary shavers, the motor must be able to generate sufficient electric current. Higher propagated power means faster mobilization of the cutter. So far, Panasonic motor innovation has set the trend in the market with its dual motor system propagating up to 14,000CPM. This particular technology is incorporated in units such as ES8077S, ES-LA93-K, and ES-LA63-S.

The Precision

  • Precision in shaving is made possible by innovative blades assimilated in the cutting system. Electric shavers are inclusive of cutters on the interior portion concealed either by foil mesh or outer guards. Blades are particularly designed to make seamless cuts right at the base of hair follicles. This way, you will not end up shaving again after a day or two. Blade integration varies per brand, for instance, Panasonic has its NanoTech Blades while Remington has its Titanium-tipped blades.

The Efficiency

  • Shaving technology has been the flagship of any electric shaver variant. Each manufacturer has its own set of patented shaving innovations for competitive advantage. More often than not, novelty ranges from skin surface grazing, hair follicle trapping, up to seamless cutting. In particular, Braun series 7 takes pride in its Optifoil system, Sonic technology, and lift and cut mechanism. All these basically differentiate the unit not only with other brands but also among its product line counterparts within the same manufacturer label.

The Flexibility

  • Options in shaving operations are the basic clamor of consumers. In turn, here comes the rise of versatile electric razors that allow you to have your shaving session anytime and anywhere. For those who are always on the go, cordless shavers would be perfect such as Remington R91 rechargeable travel shaver. In most cordless units, an operating time commonly lasts for one hour. Recharging usually takes one hour while optional quick charge takes five minutes.

The Extra Functionality

  • Maintenance technology is now inclusive in most shaving system by means of self-cleaning functions. As a result, rest assured the unit can fairly take care of itself after use. Basically, this feature comes in distinctive auto clean mechanism corresponding to its manufacturer such as Hydra Clean for Panasonic, Clean and Renew System for Braun, and Jet Clean System for Philips Norelco. All these provide cleaning, drying, lubricating, and recharging functions.

Electric Shaver Brands

  • We’ve taken the time to extensively research, compare, and review tons of electric razors for men from the most recognized names in the industry including Phillips, Braun, Remington, Panasonic, and more. After testing each shaver thoroughly we’ve organized our data here on the website in the form of detailed electric shaver reviews that help men figure out which razor is best for them based on price, comfort, overall shave, and other variables.
  • If you’re looking for a decent razor that is affordable and still gives a great, clean shave, we’ve got you covered. We provide reviews for other companies as well but they generally provide the most popular and well-known series of shavers available today so we do focus on them primarily. We even cover the basics such as the pros and cons of rotary and foil style razors.

Foil vs Rotary Shavers

  • Wanna know which products from these companies are absolute king in the shaving world? Be sure to read over our articles where we reveal the best of Norelco shavers, Remington shavers, Braun shavers, and, of course, Panasonic shavers, to learn which razors are the best for the money and will provide a clean, painless shave every single time, free of nicks and cuts.
  • We also provide electric razor reviews for women but these are usually in lesser quantities because these items are less in demand and are limited to availability, too. But, nevertheless, we do have thorough evaluations of women’s electric razors including the popular Panasonic Close Curves series and more.

Getting The Best Price

And let’s be honest for a moment… a quality shaver isn’t exactly the cheapest product in the world that a man can buy. But on our website, we also provide information about where you can get great razors for better prices than you’d typically find at a retailer by revealing the most affordable Amazon listings for each one. This way you’ll be getting a great product at a reasonable cost.

To put it simply, we’ve narrowed down the catalog of 100s of shavers available to a list of only the best shavers available in 2019. Our reviews are detailed, current, and honest. We strive to help You find a razor that will provide a brilliant, comfortable shave for the best price possible. Whether you’re looking for a shaver that will give you a decent cut on a budget or for a top-of-the-line unit that is capable of the smoothest shave, self-cleaning, and simple maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

How to Find Your Perfect Shaver

  • As we mentioned above, we’ve done all the leg work for you. Our reviews are extremely thorough and cover the most important aspects such as comfort, ease of use, pricing, quality of shave, maintenance, and other key factors that make up a great razor. We have outlined the top 5 shavers from each of the major brands after reviewing countless different models.


All you have to do is read our reviews for each razor and figure out which one will best suit your needs and budget. Our top 5 lists contain both affordable and high-end models so there will always be a shaver that will agree with your wallet, too. Just pick one out that sounds like it’ll be great for what You need and you’ll be well on your way to getting a hold of a reliable electric shaver in no time.

Simply click one of the brand name links on the right side or the top bar of this website to find out which electric shaver will work best for you. We’ve conveniently categorized our reviews by brand name, price, and overall rating to better assist you in finding the perfect razor to give you a clean, smooth shave without the hassle.

Q&A Best Electric Shaver

Which electric shaver is better foil or rotary?

Foil shavers show better performance as compared to rotary shavers. So if you need precision and smoothness, consider foil shavers.

Is it possible to get a smoother shave with an electric shaver without rashes on the skin?

Yes, you can expect smooth as well as safe shave with the help of foil electric shavers with wet skin and hair.

Do you need shaving cream or gel with an electric shaver?

No, you can simply use the shaver without using shaving foam or gel and it will give you smooth, soft skin every time.

Which brands offer the best electric shaver for the sensitive skin type?

Braun 7 series and 9 series electric shavers with automatic sensor technology and Philips offer the best models for the sensitive skin.

Can we use an electric shaver on wet beard?

The newest made electric shavers are wet/dry shavers which can be used under any of these 2 conditions. Though in the past you had to use it on dried out beard or stubble.

Do electric shavers experience dullness in the razors?

Of course, dullness of the razors occur but it is quite slow and may not affect the shaver’s performance after months of usage.

How often should you change electric shaver foil blades and razors?

You may need to replace the shaver’s blades after every 16 to 18 months. Though if your hair is thicker and coarse, you may have to do it frequently because they may wear out quickly.

How to clean a foil shaver?

You may need to remove the exterior shutter and wipe the area with a soft dry cloth and then lubricate the shaver within clearing machine oil or the one suggested by the company.


This round-up post was all about knowing, comparing, choosing and buying the best electric shaver on the market. And for the convenience of our readers, we have carefully picked and explained all the needed information and the top rated electric shavers here so that the process of choosing your next electric shaver could be easier and better with the best outcome for you to pick from.

Hopefully, you can surely decide which electric shaver is the best for your use.

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