Body Groomers for Men Reviews

Top Rated Body Groomers for Men Reviews

Since the launching of body groomers (or body shavers for men) years back, began the second evolution of man in shedding any vestige of an ape ancestry. Being hairy and attractive to women now is a bygone era. You can no longer expect girls and lasses swooning over hairy chests but rather expect them to make disgusted faces while picturing bacteria swimming on your soaked chest, armpits and yes, even the hair below your belt.

  • Thus, manscaping became the standard masculine grooming regimen. It has also made bedroom intimacy better as one of the popular modern personal care adage say: “the tree looks taller without the grass”.
  • With this evolution comes the search for the best body groomers for men. Here at Shave Academy we make the search easier for you. First, we list down the best body groomers in the market and compare them for you, giving you the best each has to offer.

We also have a comprehensive collection of body groomers or shavers and their corresponding reviews. And lastly, for those new to manscaping or the evolution of men’s grooming, we give you the basics and answer that question you have been afraid to ask “To Shave or Not to Shave”.

The Best Rated Body groomers

1- Norelco Bodygroom Pro BG2040 for men

  • This site already stated in its numerous reviews that Norelco Bodygroom Pro BG2040 for men is the run-away best seller body groomer. Many chose this product because of two basic reasons: its manufacturer Philips Norelco is a brand name when it comes to body groomers; and second the shaving technologies built-in in Bodygroom Pro BG2040 are the latest and most modern.
  • Bodygroom Pro BG2040 is an all-in-one grooming solution. Sitting on top of its head is a 3D pivoting foil head that can masterfully adjust to the contour of your body thus avoiding nicks and cuts. This is perfect for the sensitive groin’s skin (including the balls) so a guaranteed no stinging sensation after-effect. A high-performance body trimmer at the bottom is a bonus feature. This is perfect for refined grooming. You can set the trimmer to five-length setting ranging from 1/8 inch to 11/25 which is great.

Conclusion: A winner.

2- Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038 for men

  • If you are looking for a best body groomer for men that can best address your back hair besides manscaping other parts of your body like the groin and balls, then Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038 is the ideal body shaver for you. Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2030 is effective and easy on your sensitive groin skin and balls. What makes it different and special is its ability to shave back hair without assistance. It has attachment so you can reach and shave your back hair. We can say this is a ‘complete bodyroomer’.
  • Bodygroom Plus BG2030 best feature is its dual shave-and trim with back attachment. This model has a back attachment that is perfect for grooming your back hair. The three length attachment that comes with this bodygroom helps you trim and tidy your back hair.

Conclusion: Two Thumbs Up!

3- Mangroomer SKU 211-6

  • Mangroomer SKU 211-6 so far is the best back hair shaver that you can think of available in the market. Considering that most body groomers are not designed to address back hair, this body groomer is the perfect companion to any general body groomers. This body shaver is also designed to handle hair at the lower portion of the back and difficult middle back. It has an extendable handle that can extend as far as two feet in length.
  • For perfect and more efficient shaving, its blade is designed to be 1.5 inches in width. With this wide blade design, it can provide maximum shaving coverage in just few strokes. This body shaver is lightweight and rubberized in design for more full control and ease of use. What comes in the box are one MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver, a new protection cap, an A/C recharging adaptor, a cleaning brush, and an instruction booklet.

Conclusion: Sure Winner, Best Back Hair Shaver

4- Braun Cruzer 6 Body Groomer

  • Cruzer 6 is the entry of Braun for the best body groomers for men. Braun Cruzer 6 Body is a powerful and dependable body shaver that provides you a trimmer and body shaver in one go. The Cruzer 6’s trimmer can be set for your desired length (0.6mm, 3mm, and 8mm). This lets you trim first your body hair for more efficient grooming before having a complete shave.
  • Braun also partnered with Gillette by bringing 5 integrated blades called Fusion Blades to ensure a close body shave. Another good thing about this body groomer is that it is designed for wet and dry shaving. You have the option to use it under a shower or anywhere you like. It also has a small trimming element and sensitive comb designed for a more effective body grooming.

Conclusion: Good Choice

5-Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional Bodygroom

  • My web so far has experienced a surging demand for Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional Bodygroom since the start of the year 2013. We found out that the growing demand for this body shaver for men is with reason. This body shaver so far promises and delivers quite a new perspective on body shaving.
  • Norelco BG 2030 Professional Bodygroom works on the philosophy of giving option for its users. That is if you want your body hair groomed but not totally shaved off like a naked chicken, you can have this choice with this tool. This is done possible with the superb, high-performance attachments – the selling-point of BG2030 – included in the box.

Conclusion: Great product and gives versatility in body grooming.

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