Best Braun Trimmer for Manscaping

Best Braun Trimmer for Manscaping

The Braun Cruzer 6 beard & head trimmer is one of the best manscaping beard trimmers available in the market 2019. It is a very powerful tool used for styling head and beard exactly the way people want. This Braun Cruzer trimmer is well equipped with a dual battery system which initiates powerful trimming.

The battery life is remarkable as well. It consists of two click lock combs for trimming which can be easily adjusted. This helps people to clip and trim up to twelve different lengths which are 1-20mm.Enter your text here...

  • Beard and Hair length: The beard comb that is provided with this braun cruzer 6 beard and head trimmer allows people to choose as many as six different settings of length varying from 1mm to 11mm. Six longer settings are offered by the hair comb varying between 10mm and 20mm which helps people to create a hairstyle which is totally customized.

The click lock functionality is used to build both the combs. People can easily shape their beard by the help of an ultra sharp trimming element which may or may not be attached with a comb. This sharp element present in this remarkable braun cruzer is made of stainless steel.

  • Shapes and Cuts: The precision trimmer which small in size was precisely designed for people who want convenient beard styling. The braun cruzer 6 beard and head trimmer allows people to reach areas which are very hard to reach with few other trimmers and hence it is considered to be one of the best trimmers in the market. 

Contours and exact shapes can be given to beards without even stopping to remove the attached comb. The same qualities can apply to hair styling as well. The patterns and lines can be remarkably formed by the help of this trimmer.

  • Dual Battery backup: The dual battery system that the trimmer is equipped with is really very powerful and it provides people with a brilliant experience of an easy trim even through beard hair that is very tough. The braun cruzer 6 beard & head trimmer has constant power of trimming even during tough conditions. It guarantees no risk of irregularities and provides people a smooth trimming experience.
  • Washable feature: The cruzer 6 head & beard trimmer comes with a body that is completely sealed. It prevents water or any form of dust from entering it especially the shaver. One can have a fine trimming and shaving experience and they he can simply put this braun cruzer 6 head and beard shaver under running water in order to clean or wash it.
  • Other additional features: One has to put this powerful cruzer 6 head & beard trimmer for just 40 minutes charge after it is being used for over 1hr. The type of charging is LED and this powerful trimmer is equipped with low charge indicator. Another good feature of this cruzer is that it has an automatic worldwide voltage which is between 110v and 240v.

This trimmer is lightweight and easily portable. It creates low noise as well as low vibrations. Considering the versatility of this braun cruzer 6 beards & head trimmer, the price is really low and very much affordable. Long and thick hair gets easily clogged up when you trim with braun cruzer 6 trimmer.

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