Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro Review

I took a buddy of mine out for drinks after work the other day to one of our favorite hangouts. We’ve been friends a long time, and he’s got his life together except for one thing…women. I’ve always wondered if the kind of girl he was attracted to just wasn’t into the full beard and mustache he’s worn for almost 10 years.

But that’s beside the point. We had a good time, shared some laughs about work, and then I took off to take care of things at home with the wife and kids. That was about 9 p.m. I was sound asleep when my buddy sent me a flurry of text messages sometime after midnight. I rolled over and glanced at the message to see the words, “Dude. She loves the beard.” It’s been six weeks since that message, and I’m hanging out with my buddy less and less. And that’s a good thing, because that night he met the kind of girl he’s been looking for, and she’s into his beard.

I’ve noticed that his beard has started to look less like the untamed mountain man style he’s always worn, and a little shorter and well-trimmed with clean lines. I finally asked him one day what he’s been doing differently. It turns out, the girl he’s dating is a men’s fashion stylist, the kind that does hair, nails, skin, and all that stuff exclusively for men. She gave him his first beard trim and style when they first started going out, and she showed him how to keep his beard looking fresh using the Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro beard trimmer, one of the razors she uses in her shop.

So you know what he did a nanosecond after she said that? He went out and bought the beard trimmer, and now he’s a kind of Style Razor disciple. Seriously, it wasn’t that long ago that he could go weeks without a single beard trim, wild hairs growing like dandelions in a field and all that. But now he’s trimming his beard just about every day, and it sounds like things with the stylist are going well.

So what’s so sweet about the Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro? It’s no guarantee that owning this razor is going to win you the girl of your dreams, or spice up your relationship with your significant other. But from what I’ve seen this razor do, it just might help.

All-in-One Trimmer and Shaver

  • One of the sweet things about this razor is the fact that it’s an all-in-one trimmer and shaver. So you can use it to keep your beard, mustache, goatee and sideburns well-trimmed adn shaped just the way you want. It comes with a beard comb with 12 different settings to help you get the length of your facial hair just the way you want it, from thick and full, to short-trimmed stubble, or somewhere in between. It’s even got a detail comb designed to help you get to hard-to-reach places like under your nose.
  • But it doesn’t stop there. You can also use the triple-action foil shaver on this bad-boy to get a smooth clean shave. When you’re ready to really transform your look, say goodbye to straight-edge razor blades and shaving cream, and say hello to the Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro.

Battery and Charging

  • Some other features that are pretty cool about this razor include the lithium-ion battery and 50-minute charge. My buddy has put this feature to the test. He charges his razor at home, packs it in his bag for work. And whips it out after quitting time to give his beard a quick trim before meeting up with his lady friend. And says it always has plenty of power and plenty of charge to get the job done.

Other Features

  • It’s water-resistant. So it’s perfect for my friend, the classic bachelor. Instead of getting out a collection of tools and oils to clean it, all he has to do is rinse the blades under running water, and voila! It’s ready for the next day. It also has a battery light to show you when the razor needs to be charged. And it comes with a travel lock feature that prevents the razor from buzzing around in your bag while you’re on the plane. It’s a nice feature because it can help preserve battery life, and keep you from being blacklisted at security for having something suspicious in your bag.

Bottom Line

  • Having seen what my buddy has been able to do to his beard with this razor, I’m pretty impressed. And for the price around $50 (Discount from, it’s an incredible deal. You’ll want to keep your facial hair washed, so it’s light and fluffy and more likely to stand up than when it’s oily after a day or two without washing.

This beard trimmer works a lot better when oils are removed from your facial hair before trimming. And one word of caution, Phillips Norelco may have done too good of a job making this razor. It’s ultra sharp. Use one of the many attachments to trim your beard, even if you have a steady hand going without one may trim off more than you want.

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