Panasonic ER224S Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer Review

Looking for the most ideal and perfect trimmer that cuts the beard and hair? This is no longer a problem because there is a particular product that best meet one’s expectation to his look and appearance. Actually, a cordless hair and beard trimmer is offered nowadays that achieve the desired look and best appearance.

This trimmer has its best performance and precision to offer that secures the face from cuts. This is also safe, easy to maneuver and ideal to use because of its additional features and advantages. There is nothing that compares the useful benefits it offers to men who use it. Certainly, maintaining a good and refreshing look after a bath is best achieved upon using this hygienic tool.

Our Review

  • Designed for its different uses, Panasonic ER224S Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer is the tool that meets all the grooming needs of a man. This is perfectly used either in the comfort and privacy of one’s home. This shaving tool efficiently, quickly and safely delivers professional and quality results that are perfect for the members of the entire family.
  • In addition, this trimming tool is dependable in tackling all grooming needs such as sideburns, mustache, beard and children’s haircuts. It also has its dial feature that can be adjusted to further create a more impressive and realistic array of fourteen length settings, in any style of facial hair.

Apart from it, this is even better to use because of the detail trimmer that neatly shape the facial hair. It creates more control and comfort to the user because of its ergonomic design and curve. It is also a lot easier to maneuver this tool in one’s hand.

The blades are made of stainless steel that features a more precise cut of hair. It cuts hair cleanly and smoothly that delivers the most-liked trim that fit on the precise length that one likes. Other than that, these blades have higher performance and spring-loaded that no adjustments are required. They are also hypoallergenic and are safe that do not cause irritations to the most-sensitive type of skin.

Apart from it, this shaver/trimmer is easy to clean that a cleaning brush is only needed to further remove and clean the thickest or thinnest of hair. The cord can also be removed freely and completely to better enjoy cordless for convenience. Enjoying ten trims is possible before it is to be recharged again

Nevertheless, the product has gained a lot of reviews and feedbacks from the customers who have tried it. The good feedbacks received by the product are still higher than the bad feedbacks. This only means that the shaving tool is still the most accurate and dependable trimmer to trust in cutting facial hair.


  • The hygienic tool is perfect either in dry or wet cordless operation
  • The product comes with a customer care coverage and manufacturer’s warranty which makes it more appealing to them
  • The blades have high performance that makes it a detailed trimmer; the quick dial can be adjusted for fourteen settings that look great


  • The product easily breaks after but it likely depends on the manner of using it
  • The product is made of plastic material but this is not a hindrance to achieving the best look for a refreshing and clean face
  • The comb is a little flimsy but this is only a minor problem

Panasonic ER224S Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer is the most excellent choice to use in trimming or shaving the hair and beard to best achieve a great and satisfying look. Upon using it, it provides a more precise cut that is undeniably great. Most men who are willing to clean their faces must choose this product over anything else for great look.

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