The Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro

Review of The Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro

The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro is not just a trimmer. It is a haircutting kit. There are several tools for use that make haircutting more easily accomplished and hair maintenance on the body efficient. From athletes to professionals, this product ranks among the best trimmers available on the market today. If options are what you seek, this kit is perfect for you.

The Features of the Professional Beard Trimmer

  • The Chrome Pro brings the barber shop to your home every day. The blades used in this kit are made from a product known as high-carbon steel. This means that the longevity of the blade is extended as this material is known for lasting longer.
  • In addition, it also allows for a blade to be more tailor-made leaving you with a closer and more precise cut. You will find the product with an ergonomic design that cannot be beat and a precise cut that will leave your neckline and sideburns looking as sharp as you want with an easy to handle style that leaves you in control.
  • The twenty-seven piece kit has features and items that can be used all over the body. There is first and foremost an easy to read guide included that will allow you to better understand the product you have in your hand and that will walk you through every feature on the device. The blades that are included are self-sharpening, which means they will last longer.

This beard and mustache trimmer has twelve guide combs you can use; a spray bottle to wet your hair, and a battery driven S-trimmer. Couple this with the easy storage case, scissors, and even a cape, you will find that this is the trimmer that just keeps on giving, with new features and items to discover along the way.

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